CARS DIRECT deals with a vast number of motor car dealers countrywide. This gives us instant access to the all the vehicles on their floors, new and second hand. We also employ a fulltime team whose sole responsibility is to look for available cars online at the best prices.

In essence, we are doing the hard work for you. You know what you want and we can find you the best buy in your desired price range - lowest km's, lowest price and we always look for vehicles with an active service/maintenance plan if possible.

And new cars? Especially new cars. New car prices can vary from dealer to dealer depending on the volumes the dealer does etc. Remember, it doesn't matter where you buy your new car - any dealer from that same manufacturer will service your vehicle and honour the manufacturer's warranty. So your local franchise might just not have the best deal for you after all - let us do the hard graft and find you the right car.

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